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Monday, September 12, 2016

You Need a Support Team to Grow Your Business

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two very special people in my life and business. For the last 10 years I’ve worn many hats in my business. From trainer to marketer- product developer- copy writer- editor-customer service and everything in between. I outsourced a little bit but mostly handled everything myself.
You see, I thought If I didn’t do it all myself, I wouldn’t be a good business owner or example to my clients or students.

Being a Good Business Owner Doesn’t Mean Doing it All Yourself

Boy was I wrong about the way I was handling my business. The whole reason behind leaving my job and starting my business was to travel and be with my daughter. As I got busier, that freedom started to drift.
The time I wanted to get back from my corporate job was slowly replaced with more “stuff” working in my business, not on it. What good was doing myself, Brian, or Hanalei to allow “stuff” to take all of my attention. That is not the Freedom-preneur life- it’s the corporate life- the one I left behind.

Outsourcing is The Answer to Growing Your Business

As much as I loved the 4 Hour Work Week idea of outsourcing, I still couldn’t give away the control or trust that someone else could do as good of a job as me. That is a misguided thought for sure. No one will do the job the same way I will do it, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do an incredible job.

The Outsourcing Company I Trust

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Jenny Jordan whose company, Need a VA specializes in creating space for busy entrepreneurs. They offer outsourcing solutions and build teams for organizations to become more efficient.

My world shifted almost immediately.

I now work on my business not IN my business. I now spend my time with my family and my clients and not spend my time on organizing my day but building and growing my business.
I had the pleasure of meeting my assistant Larcie Martinez Tulao for the first time in person, and our “Sexy Blog Artist” Mark Ryan Holanda. These two are the heart and soul of my organization, they keep me organized through the day and take care of our clients needs. There is a huge amazing team behind them that is a full support system that I now cannot live without.

What I’ve Learned From Outsourcing

There are several things that I have learned from outsourcing and the biggest thing is that developing a team has helped me grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Now that I allow people that are specialists in their areas handle different aspects of running the Unstoppable Family, I’m able to hone in more on my own specialty.
With the time I’ve regained, I can help more people. I’m even better now at what I do than I have ever been before.
The moment I brought on a team of others to help was the moment I was able to meet the needs of my clients. That is what it is all about- helping others reach their business goals.

Need A VA Was Founded To Meet The Needs Of Individuals
& Small – Medium Sized Businesses 


Monday, August 22, 2016

TIPS on Customer Service That Make Your Business BOOM

Customer service is the key to keeping your business bubbling along, without this important element supporting your business you will lose customers as quick as your attracting them.

There are many ways that customer service grows your business its the human element of just wanting acceptance and become part of the community in which could be as simple as welcoming the new member, or having the virtual assistant watching your new Facebook group that you have formed and being there to answer simple questions and comments.


These stores rely heavily on you the owner to have the best customer support possible to help keep people with quick response times to questions, to give login information and be responsive to reviews that they write to know that they are being heard.

These simple steps are the way to have repeat customers that turn into raving fans that bring you more business. Doesn't it make sense to spend advertising dollars once and then to keep them for repeat customers they're after all then costing you absolutely nothing to retain.

Many customers just want to have their questions answered or follow up their orders or how to apply a code to give them the discount off the full price you are offering. To keep the customer happy it all comes down to quick response time to questions in order to avoid frustrations, which leads to refunds and buyers remorse.

Research reveals that customers want human interaction not something that frustrates them like a recorded message or phone prompts they want to speak to a human voice to answer questions quickly.

It may be something as simple as logging on people get stumped and annoyed when they can't get access to products that they have just purchased. This delay in getting back to them with a solution to their problem gets them upset and writes reviews that are sometimes unpleasant and will hurt your future business.

With all the hard work that goes behind a launch of a new product or service with advertising and webinars I have seen personally the numbers of new sign ups drop off dramatically between 25-30% due to no customer service. This is leaving money on the table.


What about shopping cart abandonment this happens a lot and many businesses just send an email to get lost amongst the many emails that people get sent wouldn't your company stand out from others to pick up the phone and ask them "was there a problem - how can we help you?"


There are some clients who will say nothing and will never take the next step because they are unsure of the next step in your program or service. A follow up call warms the person and shows warmth of your company.

This only takes a few minutes and something like "Hi Mary this is Dan from ABC Company, just giving you a courtesy call to first to welcome you to our company and to see if I can help you with and questions."

How good does that customer feel now, first they are acknowledged and secondly they have an opportunity to say if there is a problem and have someone help them.

We at Need a VA have known the human touch is so important in growing your business we personally help variety of businesses, product launches and services increase their bottom line just by being there to help their customers.

Contact us through the website or email us at today to see how we can help you.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Virtual Assistant Bookkeeper Is Gold For Your Business

I want to share a story with you that I know will ring true for many of you that produce a shoe box full of receipts and pay big dollars for the CPA to make sense of the contents in the box.

To be truthful I was using the shoe box accounting systems where friends would laugh as I opened the box carefully and shut it quickly to squeeze yet another receipt in.

The box was full to the brim and I had made my way in for my appointment with the CPA and faced him with a large pad of paper in front of him as I tried to recall events, dates and different expenses I was trying to write off. Then the Accountant took off his glasses looked me straight in the eye and said "I am only as good as the information you give me!"

"Just imagine in this room if I had the tax department sitting around the table would your stories satisfy him?"

This truth hit me straight between the eyes I can still remember the sinking feeling when I thought that my poor record keeping would get me into hot water sooner or later and I virtually became obsessed about finding a virtual assistant to help get my house into order.

Tips to Get Your Started:

It's always hard starting anything new but to be prepared to spend only an hour a day to tackle this task, as it will overwhelm you.

Definitely do not do this task late at night or you will find you can't sleep.

Go purchase either a filing cabinet or do what I did and buy color-coded concertina boxes so you can easily find the year that you're looking for.

Clear the kitchen or office desk and first sort out in year then date order.

What I did is look for a virtual assistant bookkeeper and found much more than I bargained for she is she is a qualified CPA and she journals all of my receipts straight away directly onto QuickBooks and for the Australian clients MYOB.

We now have clients all around the world with many like how I was and they either started out with good intentions but just either got busy or lost the enthusiasm for book work and started to fall behind.

A good bookkeeper will save you money two ways as there will be less for the CPA to do, the cost of a virtual assistant bookkeeper is thirds of the cost of an accountant. The records will be kept beautifully and will stand the scrutiny of the tax office.

At Need a VA we are a virtual assistant outsourcing company that have expert qualified accountant/bookkeepers on hand to do your books no matter if you are in the US, Australia, Canada etc contact us TODAY at or email

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


But the question is what name are you getting for yourself?
What do I mean I can hear you say?

Tell me this, what do you think when you watch an ad on the NIKE brand?
You think of super fit athletes all in the sports that they are famous for each one of our sporting heroes all wearing NIKE shoes and clothing.

Totally amazing, it even gets you a little excited to watch the ad to see who is featured…right?

Coke ads are similar all featured with happy laughing teenagers having a great time together and you then associate having a great time while drinking Coke.

I must see dozens of websites a day many of them have an idea in mind but its not reflected in their website or any of the social media platforms. The message is lost and disjointed and in a lot of cases I either have to ask what are you wanting to be known for as I can’t get what they are wanting to promote.

Even stranger they get lost for words they start to give you an answer saying I want to be able to promote this product or I still want to be an affiliate but want to be known as an authority.

What you need when you are getting your name out there you need branding something when you see ads people will know its you right down to the colors you choose from your site that shows more about your personality, logo and tagline these all tie into making this all about tying the brand together.

Even when you are new you and you join a program and they tell you just put a site up and drive traffic. Be very careful when you join a program that you do not get swallowed up in their brand and lose yourself.

I go to new websites and honestly need to wear sunglasses as the person has gone to the back of the affiliate area and put every flashing banner they could find.

Nothing could be more of a turn off than landing on a page like this. When you have a website built for you ensure that YOU are made the authority, for instance if you are coaching people the front page should be about you with links to book a session with you etc. You can promote other products through “resources I use”

With your own website it does not matter if the company you are an affiliate for goes belly up – you still have your real estate your own website.

Need a new website? Contact us at or email at

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Slack Is One Of The Best Essential Tools For Teams

Slack is One Of The Best Essential Tools For Teams.

What is Slack?
Slack is a messaging app that works as a very effective collaborative tool, and brings together all of your team communication in one place. Slack offers real-time messaging, search and archiving for teams. It integrates with a number of external services and applications and comes with built-in sharing options, so that you can share your files or emails with anyone, either internally – within a team, or externally.
Why Do You Need Slack?
While it has only been two years since it was first introduced, Slack has become very popular with business executives in many Fortune 500 companies. It is easy to see why. The problem is with the nature of email. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, most of the email one received – 70% to 80% - was from another person. So much of the email communication received was important enough to be viewed.
But now, only 8 to 10% of the emails one receives is really important, and comes from an actual person…while the rest of the 90% comes from machines, email marketing companies, Facebook comments, Twitter responses, monthly bills, bank statements and so on and so forth.
When you are working in a competitive corporate environment, picking out the emails from within the organization or from your team members from the rest becomes a real headache. That’s why Slack can be so useful. Slack is One Of The Best Essential Tools For Teams.
What Does Slack Do?
When you tap on the Slack icon, it makes available only the emails and other communication received from the people at your company or your team members. Slack creates a wall between your internal communication with your team members and the rest of the stuff you deal with, generally. So you know what’s important and what’s not and focus on only what you need for work.
Slack has advanced search features, filters and sorting functionality and makes it easier for you to get the files that you need. Slack has powerful native apps for both Android and iOS and can be synchronized across several devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computer. So if you read an email on your laptop, the Slack app on your iPhone will know about it and will mark the email as “read”.
There’s no need for status reports and stand-up meetings as Slack makes sure that everyone in the team is in the loop. This simplifies a lot of things for you and your team. All team communications on Slack are public, so everyone can see what’s going on elsewhere in the organization.
The marketing department can get an idea of the challenges faced by the customer relationship managers, and engineers are always aware of what the designers are working on currently, and don’t have to ask.
Slack has a searchable history of the entire team’s communication, which allows you to stay updated with what’s going on. With Slack, you can go through every decision made by your team, every discussion, link, or file shared. You don’t have to waste time on the triaging of emails and status updates any more. This saves time and does a lot to boost productivity at the workplace.
Slack – Price and Plans
Slack is available in four different plans.
  • Free - no limits on time or users
  • Standard - costs $6.67 per user/month.
  • Plus - costs $12.50 per user/month
  • Enterprise – costs $48 for the whole team/monthly

Slack is one of the best apps for online communication and collaboration out there. It works as a perfect private back-channel for members of a team within an organization. It provides for a seamless communication within the workplace, saves time and improves productivity.

Monday, August 8, 2016


If you’re still using Yahoo Messenger – Yahoo’s incredibly ancient application, you better start finding an alternative soon, as Yahoo plans to shoot the Messenger, no pun intended, on August 5, 2016. You can now switch to Yahoo’s new version of Messenger which is available as a part of Yahoo Mail’s desktop application, web app and as a smartphone app, or choose any of the more effective alternatives discussed here.
Yahoo Messenger has a rich history behind it. It was launched in 1998 under the name “Yahoo Pager” – which goes to show just how ancient it was – and was a big deal in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Messenger was very popular with users in Asia-Pacific in particular. It also had a very strong following among oil traders and other investors, who used the app to exchange news and gossip on commodities prices.
Yahoo Messenger’s traditional supporters have since moved on to bigger and brighter things such as Google Talk, WhatsApp and of course, Facebook; which means there are no longer any takers for Yahoo’s legacy platform any longer.
Yahoo has done its best to revive the ailing Messenger, by updating the Messenger app on both iOS and Android in December, 2015. It also introduced a brand new design for the Messenger, but it doesn’t look like that has helped much.
As Yahoo Chief Architect Amotz Maimon explains, “In December of 2015, we announced a brand new Yahoo Messenger for mobile, the Web and in Yahoo Mail on the desktop, built on a new modern platform. This complete revamp brings users an incredibly fast, beautiful and smart way to send – and unsend – messages, photos and animated GIFs in 1:1 and group conversations. While today we provide basic interoperation between the legacy product and the new Messenger, we encourage all of our users to complete their transition to the new Yahoo Messenger as we will no longer support the legacy platform as of August 5, 2016. We intend to continue our focused efforts on the new Messenger, with a goal of delivering the best experience to our users“.
So what of the new Messenger? Switching to the new platform is not as simple as Yahoo imagines it would be. For one, there is no replacement for the desktop tool as yet, although Yahoo promises to come up with a brand new desktop application of the new version of the Messenger for both Windows and Mac soon.
Now, while the login details of the old Messenger do work with the new Yahoo Messenger, there are some obvious problems here – you cannot transfer your contacts from the old Messenger to the new version. Also, the new Messenger logs out automatically after a short period of inactivity and requires you to confirm your password every time you want it back on.
Another issue is that the legacy platform used to store all conversations locally,     while the new Messenger is cloud based, which means it stores all conversations   remotely. This is a problem for the traditional users of Messenger, such as      commodities traders, who require a definitive record of what was said and what    was deleted – for the benefit of compliance officers.
So many of the old users of Yahoo Messenger have moved on – to
SkypeQQ, Slack and ICE Instant Messenger. Reuters and Bloomberg have    useful messaging tools for traders as well. Facebook Messenger and WeChat are  popular as well. LinkedIn has a useful chat application too.
WhatsApp, is the most popular messaging app in the world and it is perhaps the most obvious replacement for the Yahoo Messenger, especially now that it has launched a desktop version of its hugely popular mobile messaging app.
So, even as everyone bids a fond adieu to Yahoo Messenger, newsflash – the world has moved on!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


rhondaRhonda Swan
7009 Lakeview Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA
(305) 851-2540
July 5, 2016
CONTACT PERSON:  Rhonda Swan, Co-Founder, the Unstoppable Family
1 (305) 851-2540
[New York City] – Rhonda Swan, a branding expert, international speaker, and co-founder of the Unstoppable Family and Freedom-Preneur Academy, will be co-hosting Media and the City, a New York-based branding extravaganza for a limited number of female business owners in August.

Unstoppable Momma Swan and creative media personality Bonnie Bruderer will host 12 entrepreneurial women from around the world in a luxurious New York City location for a full-immersion branding and developing event August 13-17, 2016.

Swan, an international speaker, personal branding expert, and acclaimed online strategist, has dedicated her life to teaching other business owners, from surgeons to CEOs, to refine their individual brands, messaging, and public presence. She helps them hone their vision and offerings into more perfect alignment with their clients’ needs, creating more revenues and a more beneficial, game-changing impact for their clients.

As her clients’ businesses grow, Swan and her Unstoppable Family demonstrate a Freedom-Preneur lifestyle by traveling the world and working from laptops. Their earnings are estimated to be well over $1,000,000, and Swan’s been featured in the Huffington PostHome Business MagazineSuccess Magazine, and other publications.

Her co-host is Bonnie Bruderer, creator and CEO of BONBON Networks and the AskBonBon Show. She is also a television producer, starring actress, author, human behavior expert, public speaker, and patent holder. AskBonBon gets individuals, brands, and companies in front of millions of people. BONBON Networks has a combined community reach of 150,000,000 and strong ratings in the female and millennial demographics.
In a breathtaking Gansavort Hotel Groups property, Swan, Bruderer, and guest experts will tutor participants in branding, production, monetization, automation, and media training.
The women will appear in multiple media platforms such as Brand It, a weekly TV show produced by Pietro Rotondo, a 30-year production industry veteran who currently produces the Morning Show and Sunday Morning on CBS, airing weekly to over 4.3 million homes. They’ll also learn to secure media appearances on radio, weekly press releases, digital magazines, and podcasts, furthering their opportunities to share their brands, businesses, and expertise with the world. Even more crucially, their Media and the City training will ensure that their appearances will be well received.

Special expert appearances will include: Brian Cook, hairstylist of Wall Street Moguls, CNBC, and Cheddar Network; John Thomas of JT Talent Enterprises; yoga expert Dana Campbell, the Burnout Expert; and Joe Gawalis, award-winning movie producer. Famed celebrity photographer Rob Klein will take pro headshots and create branding and marketing images for participants.

Besides the experiences of Star for a Day, Brand You Inc., and Media Madness, also included are a tour of MNN Networks, a Sex in the City tour, chauffer service, group panel filming, and an exclusive Wrap Party at 230 5th, one of New York’s finest rooftop bars. Attending the wrap will be the production team from CBS, professionals from HBO, CBS, and other networks, and certain well-known actors.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Monday, June 27, 2016

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Dutch Nomad Family Adventures

Dutch Nomad Family Adventures. Dubai in the United Arabic Emirates is a fantastic holiday destination. The Dutch Nomad Family visited the Middle East for the first time. Cultural and architectural a whole new experience and we all loved it!
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Your kids will never forget this one! It is 829 meters high. The elevator brought us to the observation deck on the 124th floor at 456 meters within 1 minute! And when the doors open: Wow, you are on top of the world, the city, teeny tiny cars, the sea and the desert around Dubai. Isis and Thijs were fascinated to see all the construction projects going-on and were amazed that it’s all built on desert sand.
Being at the right time at the right place, in front of the Burj Khalifa at sunset there are spectacular dancing fountains and light show. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it is 275 meter long and shoots water up to 150 meter into the air accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. That was impressive.
The aquarium in the Dubai Mall, the largest mall of the world, was definitely worth the visit. It is really big and there is also an underwater zoo. There was a King Crocodile, weighing a whopping 750 kilograms and measuring over 5m in length. Its head alone is more than 150 kilograms! And we never can get enough of seeing Nemo.
Dutch nomad family
Isis and Thijs also visited the Atlantis Waterpark on the Palm Island. The aquarium is really beautiful. The waterpark is awesome as well but we ran out of time. Palm Island is an experience on it’s own. And the kids remember vividly seeing the only 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Tom and Inge spent a full day in the Burj al Arab hotel and that was an absolutely awesome experience on all fronts.
Ski Dubai is and indoor ski center for skiing, snowboarding and a penguin encounter.
It is fantastic for kids to meet the penguins and they are able to feed them. They like fish and that’s what they get at Ski Dubai. There is two types op penguins, the Gentoo and the King penguin. Gentoo penguins are the third largest penguins, with a height of 60 to 75 centimeter. The King penguin is bigger, 94 centimeter. Ski Dubai is fun for the whole family.
In the old part of town, we strolled over the spice souk and gold souk. The quantity of gold and all its formations blew us away. The sellers are very friendly to kids and it’s a great place to buy your souvenirs. And then we made a boat trip over the Dubai Creek to a traditional Arabic restaurant, with sunset over the Creek.
Dutch nomad family

A Gold class (first class) ticket in the Metro allowed us to sit in the first cabin of the metro, with a huge front window to see the whole skyline of Dubai in front of us and passing by as we travelled back from the old part of town to Al Barsha. The metro ride was an experience in itself.
Dubai also has Kidszania, an all time favorite for Isis and Thijs. Children can try around 50 different professions and get trained to use the equipment and to follow the instructions. Whether it’s to be a surgeon, a driver, a pilot or a kitchen chef. Look around for Kidszania in each big city in Asia; the concept is fantastic.
The Dutch Nomad Family had a fantastic time in Dubai.

Amazing Bali Villa Bloom

Drop your bags, let the kids dive in the pool and be shown around by our lovely manager and cook Penny. While you are settling in she will make sure your lunch or dinner is ready.

Grandparents will love you for finding this Comfortable and Worry Free Vacation Rental.
The pool is situated two levels down from the main house with non-slippery tiles all over the property. The high standard of hygiene in the kitchen and house and the facilities offered, will guarantee everyone to have a holiday you will never forget.
Kids will be gratefull because there is space for Parkour and Free Running in the garden, jumping in the Pool and marsh mallows on the BBQ. And all you parents have to do is find peace of mind, Relax and get a Massage while the Private Chef prepares a Healthy Dinner or Sunset BBQ.
Everything is delivered at your doorstep!
And if you do want to go out and explore, we have some awesome experiences lined up for you!
At Villa Bloom Bali we are specialised in organising Authentic Bali Experience Programs, so everyone participating!  That’s why Yogi’s, Food Lovers and Retirees also feel at home Villa Bloom.
We offer from Outdoor Activities, to Cultural and Spiritual experiences, to awesome cooking courses by our Private Chef who is specialized in Healthy Food.
This is your Ultimate Family Vacation Rental if you want to have an Authentic Bali Experience while staying in a Luxurious Villa surrounded by lush Nature.
A perfect destination for Families, Yogi’s, Food Lovers or Retirees who like to combine outdoor activities with Bali's spiritual and cultural experiences.
Come and Experience Luxury while creating Unforgettable Memories in Beautiful Bali.
Penny and her team will be taking care of you from the minute you arrive to make sure all your needs are met.