Wednesday, August 10, 2016


But the question is what name are you getting for yourself?
What do I mean I can hear you say?

Tell me this, what do you think when you watch an ad on the NIKE brand?
You think of super fit athletes all in the sports that they are famous for each one of our sporting heroes all wearing NIKE shoes and clothing.

Totally amazing, it even gets you a little excited to watch the ad to see who is featured…right?

Coke ads are similar all featured with happy laughing teenagers having a great time together and you then associate having a great time while drinking Coke.

I must see dozens of websites a day many of them have an idea in mind but its not reflected in their website or any of the social media platforms. The message is lost and disjointed and in a lot of cases I either have to ask what are you wanting to be known for as I can’t get what they are wanting to promote.

Even stranger they get lost for words they start to give you an answer saying I want to be able to promote this product or I still want to be an affiliate but want to be known as an authority.

What you need when you are getting your name out there you need branding something when you see ads people will know its you right down to the colors you choose from your site that shows more about your personality, logo and tagline these all tie into making this all about tying the brand together.

Even when you are new you and you join a program and they tell you just put a site up and drive traffic. Be very careful when you join a program that you do not get swallowed up in their brand and lose yourself.

I go to new websites and honestly need to wear sunglasses as the person has gone to the back of the affiliate area and put every flashing banner they could find.

Nothing could be more of a turn off than landing on a page like this. When you have a website built for you ensure that YOU are made the authority, for instance if you are coaching people the front page should be about you with links to book a session with you etc. You can promote other products through “resources I use”

With your own website it does not matter if the company you are an affiliate for goes belly up – you still have your real estate your own website.

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